Crabapple PerspectiveRetirement gives us amazing opportunities to create a fulfilling life, maybe for the first time in a long time.  We are now older and know ourselves better, we are releasing ourselves from the yoke of heavy workloads, and we are being given the luxury of time – time for ourselves.  With these opportunities, however, come a number of challenges. Many of us struggle to create a new identity, adjust to difficult situations, and adapt to big, sudden changes.

Crabapple Coaching services focus on emotional and social well-being in retirement – for people considering retirement and those already retired .  I offer retirement workshops (a choice of teleclasses, onsite workshops, private workshops at a venue of your choice and one-on-one workshops), as well as professional coaching (both personal coaching and group coaching.) Just so you know, I am not associated with any financial products or organizations, nor do I provide financial planning .

I combine positive psychology and professional coaching in my aim to ensure that your retirement is as irresistible as possible.


I’d love to help you make your retirement irresistible.  Please take advantage of my offer of a free initial consultation.

Note: If you leave me your phone number, please also let me know your time zone and a good time to call.

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