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Celebrating three years

The Retiring with Purpose and Passion newsletter has now been published every month for three years.  Congratulations to our numerous contributing writers and editors.  Thanks to the many subscribers who read the newsletter and make comments on the blog.


Announcing quarterly issues

We have decided to move to quarterly issues instead of monthly issues.  This will allow us time to gather peoples’ stories into a book!  The fall issue will be published on October 1st, the winter issue on January 1st, the spring issue on April 1st, and the summer issue on July 1st.


Inviting you to share your retirement experiences

If you would like to share your retirement story, we invite you to write an article for the Tales of Retirement column.  Just send an email to Mariella and we will send you the Contributor Guidelines.  Don’t worry about your writing style; we can help with the editing.

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