The second annual Doggerel Cup Contest

Submit your entries!

The second annual Doggerel Cup Contest has begun!  We are now accepting your entries.  And this year we are not only accepting your finest retirement limericks, but we have broadened the contest to include any type of poetry… as long as it touches on the topic of retirement.

If you recall, the Doggerel Cup is a feisty and frivolous contest to recognize the finest retirement poetry.

What is doggerel?  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, doggerel is “comic verse composed in irregular rhythm; verse or words that are badly written or expressed.”

We welcome your silliest creations.


Last Year’s Winning Doggerel

My love for the job was religious,
The role that I held quite prestigious,
Now all that is over,
I’m rolling in clover,
Memories of work just vestigious.

~ Christine Warltier


The prizeOfficial Doggerel Cup Trophy

After the submission deadline, a special committee of dodgy doggerelites will judge the entries and award the Doggerel Cup to the winner.  That lucky person can then proudly display the Cup in their home for one year.  It comes with boasting privileges. (A travel version of the Cup is also available upon request.)


Submission deadline

Deadline for submissions is January 1st.  The winner will be announced in the spring issue of this newsletter.


The rules

What are the rules?  There are none!  Okay, it has to be poetry (limerick, Haiku, sonnet, free verse, or whatever) and it has to refer to retirement in some way, however obliquely.  That’s it.


So, lick that ballpoint pen of yours, roll up your sleeves and have at it.  Send your entries to ac.el1516472932ppaba1516472932rc@al1516472932leira1516472932m1516472932.

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