Retirement Teleclasses

Retirement Teleclass

The Retiring With Purpose and Passion  teleclasses are set up so you can choose the topics that interest you most, at times most convenient to you.  They are short – only one hour each.  They are also very affordable. Each teleclass includes a teleclass guide, tips, resources and personal planning.  Participation is encouraged; you may use a nickname to protect your identity. Although it is best to take the teleclasses in order, feel free to attend in the order that suits you best.  Just know that any or all of these workshops will get you closer to creating a soul satisfying retirement.


Retiring With Purpose & Passion Teleclasses (1 hour each)


Teleclass 1 – Discover the good, the bad and the exciting possibilities of retirement

Discover today’s retirement challenges and opportunities (statistics, anecdotes, studies).  Learn why it is important to plan ahead. The session includes an overview of the other workshops.


Teleclass 2- Adjust with ease to retirement

Uncover your likely adjustment pattern in retirement.  Understand the critical factors that influence how well people adjust to retirement and discover why some people struggle and others adjust well.


Teleclass 3 – Create true engagement in retirement

Discover what is required to feel fully alive, completely engaged.  You will have time to reflect on your own activities and plan ways to become truly engaged in your retirement.  This is a critical teleclass.


Teleclass 4 – Understand the essential components of well-being and happiness

We will examine a happiness “formula” along with the components of well-being.  Through a facilitated activity, you will have a chance to apply this learning to your own retirement plans.


Teleclass 5 – Prime your mind and emotions for retirement

To develop a healthy outlook about retirement, we will look at character traits and attitudes that will serve you best going forward.  We’ll explore a healthy mindset model as it relates to retirement and we’ll also discuss ways in which you might fit more play into the next phase of your life.


Teleclasses are arranged when enough people indicate an interest.  If you wish to attend, please  e-mail Mariella.

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