Group/Private Retirement Workshops

People at Crabapple Coaching's Group or Private Retirement WorkshopMuch thought, research, feedback and redesign have gone into the Life 2.0 – Reinventing Retirement workshop. Participants have been delighted by the shift in thinking it has afforded them. Please see client testimonials for this highly successful workshop.  It is usually a full-day workshop, but can be customized to suit your needs.   I invite you to

  1. Sponsor the workshop at your workplace
  2. Host the workshop for friends or colleagues, at a venue of your choosing
  3. Arrange for a private, exclusive one-on-one workshop, combined with professional coaching.

However you choose to do it, I hope you will take advantage of this workshop to build social and emotional resilience into your retirement!

Please note: This is a non-financial workshop and is not associated with any financial products or organizations.

Clarify your retirement vision

The goal of the workshop is to help you clarify your vision of an ideal retirement and identify steps you can take to achieve that vision.  We’ll discuss solutions to the many challenges of retirement and explore inspiring possibilities.

Take steps to increase your confidence, smooth your transition and achieve your retirement vision

By participating in this workshop you can

  1. Proactively prepare yourself so you feel confident and excited about retirement
  2. Smooth out the common bumps that can occur during the transition into retirement
  3. Ensure you are as close to your ideal retirement as possible
  4. Plan at least one concrete, personal action step!


 Answer relevant questions

  • What are the opportunities and challenges in retirement?
  • Which of the three retirement adjustment patterns will I most likely experience?
  • What are the top five predictors of retirement adjustment?
  • What is required to feel fully alive, to be in flow?
  • What are the basic components of well-being and happiness?
  • What character traits and attitudes serve me best going forward?
  • What key focus areas do I wish to consider and take action on?


Get the benefit of relevant research, stimulating activities, personal reflection and thought-provoking discussions

  • Someone else has done the research for you. Statistics, models and theories… it’s all there for your learning.
  • An internationally certified professional coach has created a series of stimulating activities to lock in your learning.
  • Join others professionals in thought provoking, facilitated discussions.
  • You’ll be provided time and encouragement for personal reflection and action planning.
  • Take the time now to plan the next version of your life. Your retirement may last longer than you work life!


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If you’re interested in distance learning, please see Retirement Teleclasses.


Sample Invitation to a Group Retirement Workshop


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