Workshop Delivery Options

What our Clients Say:

 “This workshop was an insightful look into how we can take time now to plan for what our life after work can look like. Communication with your spouse and planning now is key to having an amazing Life 2. 0 – and it’s within our control if we take the time now to think and plan.”

L. Forester Assistant Vice President, National Sales Support TD Asset Management

“Terrific session to help open my eyes to the work that is necessary to have a rewarding Life 2.0”

Gord Forfar Senior Vice President Product Operations, BMO

“I was really impressed by the workshop delivered by The Crabapple Group. Before the workshop I was fearfully anticipating both retirement and my current pre-retirement situation. Now I am excited about the many possibilities available to me and I have been given great tools to take positive action now. I believe that this would be a valuable workshop for anyone who plans on retiring within the next 15 years.”

V. Timoshenko Owner Orthotics Plus

Three options for you…


1. Sponsor the workshop at your workplace

Crabapple Coaching partners with private, public and not-for-profit organizations to bring its retirement lifestyle planning workshop to participants across Canada.  Please contact us if you’d like us to bring the workshop to your venue.


 2. Host the workshop for friends and colleagues, at a venue of your choosing

If you’d prefer to host the workshop for a group of friends or colleagues, we would be happy to bring the workshop to your home, cottage or a venue of your choice.  You would be responsible for the food/refreshments (potluck is fine!) As the person hosting, your individual workshop fee will be waived.  


 3. Private, exclusive one-on-one retirement workshops

Retirement for many people is a decision best kept private. If you require privacy and would prefer one-on-one attention, we can set up a series of sessions in which we cover the workshop materials.  We would work towards creating a personal action plan for you.  Part of each session would be devoted to pure coaching.

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Please see Retirement Teleclasses for another option.